Nicholas McLean

Nicholas McLean (a.k.a. carbonblack™) was born in London to a Portuguese German mother and an English father. After gaining a degree in Fine Art and History of Art in the UK, he has has lived in London, Stockholm, New York and Tokyo working for some of world´s most creative advertising agencies (including Chiat/Day, Brindfors, TBWA and Hakuhodo). He is currently based in Oslo, working as an independent art photographer. He is also the founder of the multi-disciplinary creative collective lifeiscarbon®.

The photography of carbonblack™ has been described as everyday photographic surrealism, since it often features elements of quiet surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur. Seemingly, a series of stolen moments forming unclear narratives that seem to have hidden or ambiguous meaning.

The solitude and slight sense of strangeness in the world of his images creates an uneasy space inhabited by the photographer, his subject and the viewer. An empathy for color and light is used to create a psychological space which is engaging but ultimately elusive.

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