Álvaro Pérez

This weekend we talked to Álvaro Pérez. Pérez was born was born in 1983 and is following a design degree course at the moment. When asked about what inspires him, he tells us that his work is influenced by people such as Rinko Kawauchi, Saul Leiter and Jeff Wall and much of his inspiration is got from other people’s work, thus he spends a lot of his time on blogs.  He adds:

The place where I am in a certain moment can encourage and inspire me or depress me to the point I don’t even open the camera

copypasteculture: So your process of taking photos relies a lot on the moment? Is there a certain way how you work?
Álvaro Pérez: Not really. I look for moments or places that intrigue me, and I try to capture and reproduce that moment so other people can experience something similar. Let’s just say that ‘less is more’ is a sentence that I try to keep in mind.

copypasteculture: Being dependent on moments must provide an obstacle for creating consitency in your work. How do you deal with that?
Álvaro Pérez: Like I said, I don’t usually make plans, but afterwards I realize that what attracts me the most are people and the way they relate to their environment. Landscapes, nature, huge places, also catch my eye. But on the top of all, I am constantly searching for the perfect light.

copypasteculture: What does that mean for how you go about your work?
Álvaro Pérez: My work is my everyday life. Unfortunately I don’t work like most of the photographers who pick some theme and stick to it, I can’t. If I’m going out and I feel like grabbing the camera, I do it. So I suppose I’m constantly working in something new.

copypasteculture: And when is that work successful, in your opinion?
Álvaro Pérez: When I’ve captured sensations, beauty, stories, irony. I want people to think for a moment, to imagine they were in the place where I took the picture. Nowadays, we experience things at the speed of light. If they listen or smell something, If they stop scrolling for a while, I’ve succeeded.

copypasteculture: Thank you Álvaro, it has been nice talking to you.
Álvaro Pérez: Anytime.

Álvaro Pérez on copyasteculture

Álvaro Pérez on copypasteculture

Álvaro Pérez on copypasteculture

Álvaro Pérez on copypasteculture

Álvaro Pérez on copypasteculture

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