After several years of showing high quality visual content, copypasteculture has ceased its endeavours.


Since 2011, copypasteculture has been run by two people with great enthusiasm. But daily life caught up with them and slowly copypasteculture faded to the background. After a year of inactivity, it was time to pull the plug in 2015.

The Numbers

Here are some copypasteculture facts.

Now what?

What will we be spending our time on now?

  • Photography

  • Work

  • Travel

  • Our Cat

Want more?

Well, there's two things you can do.

Martijn Savenije

Have a look at Martijn Savenije's portfolio site. He's always working on - but never finishing - photography projects. You can also dig through his blogposts.


You can also continue on to the old copypasteculture. The archive will be around for some time until it disappears forever.

What cannot be said must be kept silent. But what cannot be said can also be kept silent through a display of images.

- Baudrillard (1929 – 2007) -

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