Yoshinori Mizutani

A selection of images from Tokyo Parrots by Yoshinori Mitzutani. When I saw the hordes of parrots of several hundred birds, I was very scared, it was like, I had fallen into the movie “bird” directed by Hitchcock. Birds in

Daisuke Yokota

Daisuke Yokota is part of a leading young generation of Japanese photographers. His images in predominantly black and white – sometimes with a subtle hint of colour – show a haunting, indefinable world with shadowy, anonymous apparitions and nondescript places.

Artie Vierkant

The work Image Objects by Artie Vierkant (1986) is a series of works which exist somewhere between physical sculptures and altered documentation images. Each piece begins its life as a digital file, of which countless variations exist. These are then

Eva Rubinstein

All copyright Eva Rubinstein.

Ruben Brulat

Photographer Ruben Brulat is interested in man’s being, his habitats and motives. “First of all , photography is the only place where I feel at my place , where I feel I have a complete freedom. It is certainly a

Gabrielle Stein

Analyzing the social experiment website ‘Chatroulette’, Gabrielle Stein has explored the degradation of face-to-face communication caused by social media websites and ‘communication’ technology. The 21st century’s inundation with technology, social media websites and smart phones has enabled us to remain

Anastasia Muna

Anastasia Muna was born in South Africa, where she studied fine art at the University of Cape Town, majoring in photography. After completing her studies she moved to London, where she has worked and exhibited for the past 5 years.

Ville Andersson

Ville Andersson’s artworks consists of photographs, paintings and drawings. In the dramatized situations of the photographs, there’s a strong mystical and psychological force. This force is also present in the paintings, which are in dialogue with a former civilization; with

Brea Souders

Brea Souders is an artist based in New York City. She has held solo exhibitions at Daniel Cooney Fine Art and Abrons Arts Center in NYC, and has participated in group exhibitions at the Hyères International Festival of Photography &

Hellen van Meene

Hellen van Meene studied photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Since the mid-1990s, van Meene has gotten attention for her intimate portrait photographs of young girls and boys. She lives in Heiloo, The Netherlands and has works currently

Elise Boularan

Elise Boularan (1984) grew up in the South of France and has a Master’s degree in Creation and Artistic Research from the University of Toulouse. She also studied photography at the Toulouse School of Photography. After finishing her academic research

Sergey Melnitchenko

Sergey Melnitchenko’s series Schwarzenegger is my idol is the story about young men from Nikolayev (Ukraine) who are united by one thing: their a goal to become the best of the best and they will do everything possible to achieve